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Spyder Docking Station Kit with Power-Grip Phone Holder


You must tell us what smarphone you have when ordering so you get the correct phone holder!

Comes with everything to mount  your smart phone. This is a full kit!

Fits these Spyders:

RT without Tri-Axis handlebars or Factory GPS

ST without Tri-Axis handlebars or Factory GPS


2013 and newer RS

100% stainless Steel base plate with 100% stainless steel black top plate with different designs.

You choose your Top Plate design via the drop-down menue.

Choose the "Black" Top Plate for custom paint work..Also looks good in just black.

You can also choose to buy the optional 8-color packet.  It allows you to get a custom color to the Top Plate.

You must Answer both questions: #1 What is your year/model Spyder? #2 What SmartPhone do you have (list only 1 phone)?

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